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Raoul and Me motion design studio | freelancer | explainer videos, motion branding, kinetic typography, video advertising, frame by frame animation | raoulandme Antwerpen
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I’m Maarten, a Belgian freelance motion designer. During the final years of my career as a graphic designer and illustrator, I found myself increasingly drawn to motion design and animation. Like a love affair, it took over my creative soul. In 2022, I decided to embrace the freelancing life, allowing me to fully immerse myself in what I love and do best. This marked the beginning of my studio, Raoul and me.

What drives me? Teaming up with art directors, designers, and producers who inspire and challenge me creatively. What motivates me? Being able to work as a motion designer on projects that make a difference.

Always excited to hear about your project and ideas. Don’t be a stranger.

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